Illustration showing the kettle bell halo exerciseDue to the simple nature of the kettlebell halo exercise, it is suitable for beginners. This exercise is a good warm up and helps to loosen the shoulders. In fact, the kettlebell halo can be used to increase shoulder mobility and is often used to rehabilitate the shoulder muscles after an injury.

We recommend that a lightweight kettlebell is used for this exercise.

How to perform the kettlebell halo

  • Hold a kettlebell upside down, at chest height, with hands on the handle.
  • Move the kettlebell to the left side of your head (your right hand will go over the head).
  • Slowly circle the kettlebell around the back of your head to the left side.
  • Switch direction after four reps.

Important notes:

  • It is important to look straight ahead, find something in front of you to concentrate on.
  • Avoid using a kettlebell that is too heavy.